Join or Volunteer

There are many great reasons for parents, teachers and staff to get involved with Leal Elementary PTA. It's a great way to show your kids that you take an interest in their education, meet other parents, give back to the community and contribute to the school's success. 

This year, Leal Elementary PTA is making a push to have our members submit this year's PTA membership applications and pay the dues via a third-party pay processor, Member Planet.  Using a processing site, like Member Planet, can reduce paper waste, minimize confusion, and increase processing efficiency.   Member Planet helps Leal PTA create forms and collect credit card payment.  So instead of sending cash or check payments with your children to school, you're now able to complete a web-form and make a simple credit card payment - just as with any other e-commerce site. 
This is another way we are making incremental improvements to Leal PTA's infrastructure to improve our members' experience.